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Are you ready to become a journeyman plumber?

In just five evenings and one weekend, students of IAPMO’s Uniform Plumbing Code® (UPC) Training Course will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to pass their journeyman plumbing trade exam

Why choose UPC Training?

1. Go from your first class to a passed exam in days, not months.

2. Take the 100-question open book journeyman plumbing trade examination immediately following your course work, not weeks after.

3. If you attend all classes and do not pass your journeyman plumbing trade exam on the first attempt, your first re-test is on us.

4. Course, curriculum, and materials developed by the organization that publishes the UPC.

5. No need to take time away from work. The UPC Training Course is held on weekday evenings and over the weekend.

6. Enrollment fee includes 36 hours of in-person learning, code book, study materials, and exam.

7. Increase your wages when you become a Journeyman Plumber. The quicker you pass your exam, the quicker you can submit your Application for Journeyman Trade Plumbing Certificate.


Mon., 07/30 - Fri. 08/03, 5pm - 9pm
Sat., 08/04 - Sun., 08/05, 8am to 5pm


Mon., 08/06, 9am to 12pm


Hampton Inn and Suites Wichita
2433 N Greenwich Rd
Wichita, KS 67226

Price includes in-person training, UPC code book, study guide, and exam.


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